Smalls Works

What we do

  • - Digital ads & graphics
  • - Web Banners
  • - Web & Interface design
  • - Stationary / Business cards
  • - Social Meda Graphics
  • - Webflow development
  • - E-commerce development
  • - Web interactions & animations
  • - CMS implementation
  • - Hosting & domain setup
  • - Campaign management
  • - Email campaigns
  • - Google ads
  • - Google Analytics and search console setup

From Discovery to Launch

Our journey begins with an initial strategy session to understand your business and pain points. We then craft a brand strategy using your responses from a branding questionnaire, focusing on branding and marketing research for your niche, defining your unique brand voice, ideal clientele, and visual mood board.

Using the brand strategy as a foundation, we develop your concept and present the strongest version to you. This includes your primary logo, secondary logo, color palette, and unique branding elements.

We curate collateral and website designs as needed. We set a launch date and create a launch strategy. You’ll receive organized design files and a brand standards manual for implementation, guiding your brand’s growth and evolution. Let’s celebrate your new brand!